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About illunis

Like new wine aged in old oak. "

An illunis (pronounced ill*Lou*niss) is a musical phenomenon that occurs when the stars align and genres fuse together to form a distinct musical sonance. One dark evening, the stars aligned, a chord strummed and reverberated against a dark mahogany wooden guitar beside a roaring campfire, a powerful vocal melody was sung, and illunis was forged. 

Like a new wine aged in an old oak barrel, the sound of Los Angeles rock band illunis is eclectic,  fresh yet nostalgic. Their blend of alternative, indie, and folk rock keeps audiences dancing and wanting more, as evidenced by their performances opening up for the's, winning the Valley Cultural Foundation's Battle of the Bands, headlining The Viper Room, including countless shows at The Whisky A Go Go, The Troubadour, Sofar Sounds, The Hotel Café, amongst many others. Their 300,000+ Spotify streams have helped earn them sponsorships with Empire Ears, Goorin Bros, and Ghost Fire Audio.

At the heart of illunis is singer/songwriter Ali Valentine, whose vocals and soulful lyrics are the driving force behind their music. With their latest EP "detour" recorded at Total Access Recording Studios, illunis continually strives to push musical elements, creating a dynamic listening experience that leaves a lasting impact on their audience. Illunis is usually observed all over Southern California, and if encountered, can be highly contagious.

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David Simon, Founder & CEO (Next Big Band)

"Illunis is truly original. From soaring vocals to non-traditional instrumentation, their live shows are great to watch and their songs are easy to love. Think Mumford And Son's meets Johnny Cash, if Johnny had been an operatic tenor and smiled more. Illunis crosses lots of categories and conjures lot's of memories, but delivers something fresh and fun you'll want to be a part of."


Joellen Ammann, Project Mananger (Valley Cultural Foundation)

"This band is amazing.
They are very professional and each member has a great attitude.
They sound amazing!
We at Valley Culture are lucky to have them in our Battle and hopefully play at one of our concert venues soon." 


Steve Baltz, Owner/Operator(H.T. Grill)

"Ali Faghihi and his band Illunis has been performing at H.T.Grill regularly for the past 6 months. The unique sound of Illunis has been praised by customers new and old. We’ve enjoyed watching Illunis build a following over the past six months and frequently get calls inquiring when their next performance will be. We’re happy to have Ali and Illunis as one of our bands on a regular basis."


Colin Blumberg, Owner/Operator (AIGL)

"My wife and I hired Illunis to perform at my sons graduation party. They were true professionals from start to finish. Throwing a party comes with many stresses and they took such a huge weight off my shoulders by planning the music that was played, being punctual to the event, and keeping my guest on their feet dancing. Illunis are truly awesome. They helped create a night I will remember forever!
The music they played set the tone and energy for the event so well. All of our guest loved them and had such a great time at our party. I definitely recommend Illunis to anyone looking to hire a live band for their private events."


Arthur Autumn, (The Sunday Night Revue)

"I've had the good fortune of working and performing with Illunis on a number of different occasions. As an observer of Illunis, it is obvious that this is a band focused on their craft writing great songs that connect with the audience, and also a group focused on supporting one another. In every great band these elements are key and enable them to reach farther than their peers. This is a band capable of delivering an intriguing performance of their own work, or swinging in another direction when interpreting someone else's work through their own artistic lens. On top of it all, they are kind humble beings which add to their appeal. Book them. Love them."


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